Goals, Goals, Goals, and more Goals

Posted 5 years 208 days ago ago by SuperUser Account

As a result of the unfortunate circumstances that may have led to, or are leading you to consider the sale of your home, it's critical that you feed yourself a daily and steady diet of positive thoughts, encouragement, and motivation from as many Godly sources as humanly possible.  Second to ensuring that your spiritual and mental focus stays firmly planted on the right things is to establish some goals with definitive timelines.


Regardless of whether or not the circumstances leading up to the sale of your home were self inflicted or simply a result of life events, you must now establish solid goals to ensure that you are going where you want to be going and adjusting accordingly along the way.  I understand that the sale of a home especially your primary residence is as much an emotional experience as it is a financial one.  It's events like these that give us the opportunities that we have in life to truly evaluate and determine our ultimate direction and purpose. Use this opportunity to re-establish your plans and purpose in life for you and your family.


Once you have clearly delineated your goals and the "why" for each of them establish a daily routine that would allow you to achieve them.  As much as this is a physical process it's much more a spiritual and mental process.  Continue to maintain the sources that you've found to influence your thoughts as you physically take steps to achieve and realize the new and or adjusted goals that you've set.


It's my sincere desire that you find your way back, and move forward realizing the unlimited potential that God has placed in you.



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